Don’t believe the Bosses;Rudolph was a Red

Posted on December 23rd, 2011 | by A Worker |

The bosses are so afraid of left ideas that they even changed one of the songs in the classic Christmas story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.   To recap the story, Santa is a fascist boss who doesn’t like “Red Nosed” folks, and he tells Rudolph  you’ll never amount to anything because of your  blinking red schnozzola.  The head reindeer coach Comet chases my red nosed brother out of reindeer practice telling him, he can’t play in any reindeer games.  Turns out  Rudolph  knew how to get his mack on so he already had laid some ground work with a fine looking little doe name Clarice.  But when he tries to walk her home her papa puts the snatch on her and tells Rudolph to keep his fluffy tail away from his daughter.

Rudolph is bummed out and alone until he meets this blond elf named Hermie.  Now Hermie has been bounced from his toy making slave by one of Santa’s henchmen — the straw boss elf — because he wants to be a dentist.  Here’s where they change the story.  In the original 1964 version these two brothers  bond around being “misfits” and break into a song called “We’re a Couple of Misfits.”  At the end of the song,  Hermie makes a snowman replica of his elf boss and punches him in the nose after singing, “you can’t fire me I quit.”

Watch it.

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One year later the misfits song is replaced with the song “Fame and Fortune.”  Instead of singing about how they are being kept from achieving their potential by a rotten and prejudice system, they sing about how they are going off to find fame and fortune.  They don’t punch the stinking boss in the nose.  They climb over him instead.  The message is clear.  Don’t fight the system join it and “climb to the top.”

Watch it

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Maybe you think I’m crazy, but remember this show premiered in the heat of the Cold War.  Back then the  big bosses were still scared of reds.   The height the “Hollywood Blacklist” was 1956.  That’s when the bosses and their flunky politicians purged and prosecuted  progressive film makers and actors.  They also attacked radical union leaders in this time and sent many of them to jail.

Beware the bosses culture, brothers and sisters. It is full of lies and teaches us to be passive and try to work with in the system.  But we need a new system and a knew economy — an economy that works for workers.  You’re not a misfit. You’re a revolutionary waiting to be born.  Happy Holidays!  All power to the working class.

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