Verizon Bosses You can’t Hide; The working Class is on Our Side

Posted on August 6th, 2011 | by A Worker |

Big shot CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdam, sent the police and lackeys from Verizon security out to meet protesters from IBEW Local 827 when they dropped by to see him on Saturday morning.  The Mendham cops, who are obviously trained well by the millionaires who inhabit the town, would only let union members drive by McAdam’s house — no picketing, no rally.  Mendham is a town full of CEO’s, banksters and various other species of blueblood scum — most of whom never did a days work in their life.  (To the few working class people who might live there I apologize.  You have our deepest sympathy.)

VZ security lackey trying to look hard

The cops even tried to stop people from parking on the street in front of the effete exec’s joint to take a picture.  They don’t believe in the Constitution in Mendham, unless of course you are a millionaire, and let’s face it we all know there are two sets of rules in USA: one set for rich and their lackeys and another for the rest of us.

But what the Masters of the Universe can’t seem to fathom — even with their superior genes and “intellect” — is that they are nothing without us.  We, Verizon workers and all our brothers and sisters around the world, produce all the wealth.  The bosses are parasites – nothing more than blood sucking capitalist vampires.

Lowell McAdam after midnight

Sure they’re defended by the laws, the courts, the army and various forms of private security, but we have a secret weapon: unity!

Unity is how we win.  Our unity will be the stake through the heart of the blood sucking Verizon bosses and the rest of the vampire capitalist night creatures who hide in the shadows like the cowards that they are.

WE are strong. WE are union. WE are the working class. WE are the many, and they are the few, and WE will win.

Union power

The workers united will never be defeated.  You can write that on the wall!

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