Verizon Workers are Ready to Rumble

Posted on August 4th, 2011 | by A Worker |

The Verizon bosses are getting scared.  Union workers, on the other hand,  are getting ready to rumble. With only a few days left before the contract with IBEW and CWA union members expires, Verizon brought out the heavy artillery (at least by wealthy suburban standards) to “protect” its posh corporate headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJ. Local cops, county sheriffs and police dogs were parked in front of the building’s exit during a union rally on Thursday August 4.

5-0 Suburban Style

Although the 500 union members at the rally were really pissed at the extremely profitable company’s retrogressive contract offers, no one tried to bum rush the building and take new CEO Lowell McAdams hostage.  They were probably worried the stench from the effete exec would do permanent damage to their nasal passages and lungs.

Ippolito speaks to Crowd

In a brief speech at the rally, IBEW Local 827 Treasurer Ippolito said that the company had finally begun to talk at the bargaining table – just a few whispers, a settlement is still far off.  Perhaps the bosses have seen the unity and strength of the workers, and they ain’t so sure they have the stomach for a fight.  This is just a little break in the dark clouds, nothing to get excited over.  But the union is ready to kick some ass.  So either give us a fair contract or we’ll have to get medieval on you Lowell and company.

Lowell McAdam -- a real stinker!

NO Way to the Verizon Way

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