Bear Stearns Bankers: The Weapons of Mass Destruction

Posted on April 21st, 2008 | by A Worker |

Hey I finally found the weapons of mass destruction and guess what? They were right here in the good ol’ USA all the time. They’ve been hiding in plain sight, and quite frankly I’m sad to say that only a country that has been blinded by a government and media in collusion to obscure reality could have missed the obvious for so long.

The weapons have not been buried in the sand. Oh no, they’re high in the sky in the corner offices of corporate headquarters and in the consecrated corridors of “America’s” financial institutions – the genuine underbelly of terrorism. Yeah, these are the perpetrators that are pushing the buttons on the C4 charges destroying the infrastructure of today and the foundation of what we hope to achieve tomorrow. They are the “enemy within.”boardroombest.jpg

Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and all the other scoundrel CEO’s have been ripping off working folks with thievery – legal and illegal – since the dawn of capitalism, but more particularly since the turn of the current century. They have been inflicting mass destruction on our livelihoods with credit schemes, offshoring and compensation packages, all the while nickel and diming us and filling their prodigious piggy banks, while we scramble to pay the bills. Osama Bin Laden is a corner boy. These people are the royalty of terror — the kingpins.

Bear Stearns bilks us regular folks, and then we bail the bastards out with our tax dollars. This “bailout” is no more than a subsidy for the multimillion dollar bonuses of scumbag stockbrokers who would sell our babies to the kiddie porn industry if it would keep them in their posh apartments in Manhattan’s trendy neighborhoods and other hot spots where their ilk congregate. The average bonus for Wall Street kingpins in 2007 was $180,000. Believe it or not, that’s a 4.7 percent decrease from 2006. Of course the big bankers by lending money to people who really couldn’t afford to pay it back pumped tens of thousands of buyers into the market thereby pushing up all the property values with “unqualified” competition. After reaping the rewards of this sleazy strategy these self proclaimed titans were willing to pay ridiculous prices for their own would be palaces. This helped to inflate all the property value and caused all of us to pay more for our homes than they were actual worth. These masked marauders were wearing multi-pronged strap-ons gleefully impaling us suckers in every crack and crevice of our lives. I haven’t even mentioned the oil war!

As the economy heads for the crapper and more folks loose their jobs and the equity in their homes decreases and health care cost rise to the sky, along with food and fuel, the Big Boss Men and the corporate stooges and bankers and brokers who do their bidding laugh their way to the next scheme or caper. They continue to get over, and we continue to get screwed.

Nope, no need to go to Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction. They’re in the corner office.

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